Warren G. Harding


U.S. President from 1921-1923.
Harding died in his hotel room of either a heart attack or a stroke at 7:35 p.m. (19:35) on August 2, 1923.

The formal announcement, printed in The New York Times of that day, stated: "A stroke of apoplexy was the cause of death." He had been ill exactly one week.

Naval physicians surmised that Harding had suffered a heart attack.
The Hardings' personal medical advisor, homeopath and Surgeon General Charles E. Sawyer, disagreed with the diagnosis.
His wife, Florence Harding, refused permission for an autopsy, which soon led to speculation that the President had been the victim of a plot.


Progressed Lunar Return



We see here too,like other murdered presidents, planet picture MA/SA = NE/PL


Lunar NE/PL = Lunar SU = Lunar MA = Natal MA/SA

Lunar JU is also there because in natal has US Chart



Lunar ME (MC Lord) = Lunar PL = Natal NE

Lunar MC = Natal ME (MC Lord)


and AC Lord VE = Natal NE/PL





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