Walter Franco


Walter Franco (São Paulo, 6 January 1945, — São Paulo, 24 October 2019) was a Brazilian singer and composer. In 1998 he contributed to the Rosa Passos album Especial Tom Jobim. His 1975 album Revolver was No. 50 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 100 Brazilian albums.

Franco died on October 24th, 2019, after spending two weeks hospitalized due to a stroke.



Secondary Progression for 14.10.2019





p ME/AD = p SU/MA (Poor blood flow in the brain)

p ZE = r SU

p MA/ZE = r MA/AD

p AD = r MA




Secondary Converse Progression






p MA/AD = p MA/ZE = p ME = r SU/ME

p SU = p ME/AD = p ME/ZE

p ZE = p AD = r MA



Lunar Return






Lunar SU/ME = r MA/AD (Poor blood flow in the brain)

Lunar SU = r ME

Lunar AD = r SU

Lunar SU/MA = Lunar ZE/AD = r MA







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