Turkey 2017-2018


Oct. 29, 1923 08.30. PM EET (-02.00) Ankara

Source: "The proclamation of the republic took place in the National Assembly in Ankara at exactly 8:30 p.m., and it is for this that the horoscope for modern Turkey should be set." Nicholas Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 368.


Solar 2017

from Oct. 29 2017 to Oct. 29 2018


Solar Saturn = Solar Moon/Solar Uranus = Natal Sun

Solar Mars = Solar Pluto = Natal MC = Natal Mars

Solar AC = Solar MC = Natal Uranus/Natal Neptun = Natal AC/Natal Pluto = AP

Solar Mercury = Solar Jupiter = Natal Mercury = Natal Mars/Natal Saturn


1)Either a war with a neighboring country : Solar Mars = Natal Mars

Mars is lord of 3.House (Leo) and 7.House (Sagittarius)

2)or civil war : Solar Moon = Natal Uranus and

Solar Moon/Solar Uranus = Solar Saturn = Natal Sun

3)or a military putsch against Erdogan : Solar Mars = Natal MC , Solar Saturn = Natal Sun and Solar MC = AP

and Solar Mercury = Natal Mercury = Natal Mars/Natal Saturn

Mercury is lord of MC (Aquarius)





Cemal Cicek