Statue of Liberty



Noel Tyl :

“I was able to suggest strongly --cross-checked with events like refurbishing, close-downs etc. over the years-- that the time of the unveiling and dedication was pretty close to 4:05 PM [Asc 16Aries09]. It was a big event, with quite a program of prayers, music, speeches.”


Wenn man 11.September 2001 08:46:26 mit Statue of Liberty vergleicht,dann muss die Zeit nicht 16:05 sondern 16:05:26 sein.





Wir können kontrollieren ob diese 26 Sekunden Korrektur richtig ist oder nicht.

The Black Tom explosion on July 30, 1916, in Jersey City, New Jersey, was an act ofsabotage by German agents to destroy American-made munitions that were to be supplied to the Allies in World War I.
At 2:08 AM, the first and largest of the explosions took place.

Wenn 16:05 korrekt wäre,wäre Radix-Sonne mit Pluto nicht exakt gewesen.

Für die Zeit 16:05:26


Transit PL = Converse Transit PL = Secondary PL = Converse Secondary PL = Radix SO



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