School of Ram


Knegt, Leo

26 December 1882 at 08:00 (= 08:00 AM ) Delftshaven-Rotterdam, Netherlands, 51n54, 4e27

Dutch pro astrologer, the founder along with A.E. Thierens and Th.J.J. Ram the "Workcommunity of Astrologers" (WVA), also called the "School of Ram", in The Netherlands, October 1947. (See under: Thierens) He wrote the books "Het mysterie van lot en leven" (= the mystery of destiny and life), "De kunst van het voorspellen" (= the art of prediction), "Uurhoek en vragenastrologie" (= horary astrology), "Astrologie, wetenschap en techniek" (= astrology, science and technique).

"Knegt had rectified his chart to a local mean time of 7:40:49"

Thierens, A.E.

20 December 1875 at 08:34:30 (= 08:34:30 AM ) Den Bosch, Netherlands, 51n42, 5e19

Dutch officer in the Royal Marines, an astrologer and author of "Elementen der practische astrologie" and "Elementen der esoterische astrologie".

While visiting The Netherlands early in the 20th century, Alan Leo met A.E. Thierens and this led to a Dutch version of the magazine "Modern Astrology" in 1906 under the joint editorship of Alan Leo and H.J. van Ginkel, which was changed to: "Urania" the following year under Dutch editors and still exists today.

The publication of "Urania" marked the start of modern Dutch astrology and in the same year,1907, the Association for Modern Astronomy and Astrology was formed, which later became the Nederlandsch Astrologisch Genootschap (Dutch Astrological Association), and in October 1947, the Stichting Werkgemeenschap van Astrologen (WVA) (Workcommunity of Astrologers), also called the School of Ram, formed by Th.J.J. Ram, L. Knegt and A.E. Thierens.



L. Knegt to A.E. Thierens


Theo J. J. Ram


Der niederländische Astrologe Theo J.J. Ram wurde am 19. Dezember 1884 um 3:05 Uhr LMT in Haarlem geboren.



L. Knegt to Theo J.J. Ram



A.E. Thierens to Theo J.J. Ram