Richard Houck`s US Chart


June 19, 1776 11:54:46 AM LMT Philadelphia, PA

I have corrected to 12:53:50 PM LMT Philadelphia, PA


One of the best astrologers in the world and researcher, Richard Houck, has suggested another chart
and another day for USA but has been almost unnoticed by any astrologer.

This ignorance, in my opinion, has two main reasons :

First, he worked with sidereal zodiac. When many western astrologers hear of sidereal zodiac, they run away as though struck by plague.

And secondly, he has suggested other date than 4 July.What it should not be, can not be.

To control this chart we take assassinations of presidents, because we know
Mars / Saturn = Neptune / Pluto is murder.

AC and AC Lord are the country: USA (that is, it is the place where an event takes place,not the people who live there.)
As AC (Virgo) Lord we take Venus,
Sun, MC (Gemini ) and ruler of MC (Mercury) are the president.
Moon is the public, the people who live there.

Because it is a murder or murder attempt we take Mars / Saturn and Neptune / Pluto midpoints.

USA chart must have :

1- Neptune/Pluto = Sun
2-In the assassination attempts must be Mars/Saturn,Nepune/Pluto, Sun, MC and ruler of MC activated.

If these criteria are not fulfilled, it is not the right USA chart.

The astrologers who want to prove that this is the right USA chart,take all sorts of events to verify .
Of course they do not know what to look for. Then take the axes and see if there is a corresponding planet on the axis during the event.
So they can search for eternity, but they will not find the right chart.

For example, if a war is taken as an event, look to see if Mars is on any axis, if not, then correct the time accordingly.
If other event is taken and that does not fit then correct that again,and so will the astrologers go on,different sects will propagate different horoscopes.
Nobody can convince anyone because everyone knows better.

But in truth, they can not even differ the wrong horoscope from the right one, e.g. Obama's birth time.

Of course nobody will pay attention,I know that.

Used :
1-Sidereal zodiac (Krishnamurti Ayanamsa), Mean Node. 23°45'56" for
Year 2000. Speed of precession is 50.2388475.
2-Progressions Keys :
Tertiary I: a sidereal day = a sidereal month
Secondary Progression : a sidereal day = a sidereal year
3-Harmonic 4096


Cemal Cicek