A Reincarnation Case


Lama Thubten Yeshe




Rule 1 :

As a reincarnation axis we take Moon/Mars, Moon/Jupiter and Mars/Jupiter axes because it is a birth. We take death-time and birth-time
before the last incarnation as basis and we derive progressions from both.



The above equalities must be in several progressions and transit fulfilled.

Rule 2 :

Both natal suns (previous birth and last birth) must be exactly harmonic (in 2n Harmonics)

Rule 3 :

Events for a Natal must also be detectable in other Natal. e.g. if previous natal owner married , then you must be able to identify this event in the last natal.Or if father from previous natal owner died,then one must see, if one calculates progression for last natal owner, as if his father died.

Used :

1-Sidereal zodiac (Krishnamurti Ayanamsa), Mean Node. 23°45'56" for Year 2000. Speed of precession is 50.2388475.

2-Progressions Keys :
Tertiary I: 1 sidereal day = sidereal month (27.321661 days)
Rate : 0.99726966 / 27.321661= .036501062655012

Tertiary II (Minor) : 1 sidereal month = 1 sidereal year
Rate : 27.321661/ 365.25636042 = .074801328493181

Secondary Progression : 1 sidereal day = 1 sidereal year
Rate : 0.99726966 / 365.25636042 = .002730327978008

3-Transit, Solar, Lunar, Progressed Lunar are used.

4-Last New Moon before the event.
One can take last moon phase before the event too.

5- Harmonics : Harmonic-16 (22° 30' 00'')

Zet Settings :
a sidereal day (23h 56m 4.091s)
a sidereal month (27d 7h 43m 11.47s)
a sidereal year (365d 6h 9m 9.5s)




Cemal Cicek