Philip, Prince Consort


10 June 1921 at 21:46 (= 9:46 PM )Corfu, Greece, 39n40, 19e42


Source Notes


British Astrological Association quotes official bulletin, 11/1972. The biography, "The Queen," says that he was born on a dining room table in Corfu, Phillipos Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glucksberg.

In Roger Elliot's "Astrology and the Royal Family," 1977, data are lacking but the map also has a setting sun. Greece adopted the Gregorian calendar on July 28, 1916 though orthodox churches did so only on October 14, 1923. Therefore, May 28, 1921 OS is correct.

Charles Harvey wrote, "June 10, 1921, 10:00 AM was recorded by his father, King Andrew, in November or December after the birth. He also wrote October 21, 1921 as OS. His memory may not have been fresh, as the attending nanny wrote a biography in which she said that the sun was setting.

(Formerly, Church of Light quotes Tucker in 8/1965 for 10:05 AM EET. Baird had 11:04 PM LMT from Ziegler. Penfield quotes Denis Judd, "Prince Philip," for May 28, 1921 OS, June 10, 1921 NS, 10:00 AM, birth recorded in Greek Old Style.)

Biographies: Tim Heald, "Philip:A Portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh," (authorized); and John Parker, "Prince Philip: His Secret Life," (unauthorized), 1990 ISBN 0-312-06444-6 St. Martin' s Press,


Starkman quotes "Young Prince Philip: His Turbulent Early Life by Philip Eade" [Harper Press, 2011] From pages 27-28:

"Alice [Philip's mother] went into labour on 10 June 1921 and was taken by the Corfiot doctor to the dining-room table, which he deemed the most suitable place in the house for this thirty-six-year-old princess to give birth. At 10 a.m., a baby boy was delivered. Registered in nearby Corfu Town under the name of Philippos, he was sixth in line to the Greek throne".

Starkman rectified to 10.47.40 EET Asc 28Leo05',_Prince_Consort


Die richtige Geburtszeit ist 11:04 PM LMT.


Man kann ganz einfach mit transiten am 20 November 1947 feststellen, welche Geburtszeit die richtige ist.


Transit am 20 November 1947 um 11:30 Uhr


Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married at 11:30 GMT on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh


Theorie 5- An important event's sun( e.g. marriage , accident) must be in exact harmonic with the natal sun.

Wie wir hier sehen transit Sonne ist mit Natal Sonne exact harmonic.

transit Sonne = 0° 31' 00''
Natal Sonne = 0° 30' 17''


Ausserdem :



transit Mond = Natal AC = Natal Mond/Natal Jupiter
transit AC = Natal Mond = Natal Sonne/Natal Uranus
transit Jupiter = Natal AC/Natal Mond


transit Knoten = Natal Venus


transit MC = transit Venus = transit Merkur = transit Pluto = Natal Merkur = Natal Pluto


transit Uranus = transit Mars = Natal AC/Natal Venus = Natal Jupiter