Friedrich Sieggrün's Poseidon and Water Related Disasters



The Discovery of The Planet Poseidon
Quote by Friedrich Sieggrün :

".....For Poseidon, it was therefore necessary to study the floods, storm surges and earthquake floods to determine its location..."

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After reading this quote from Friedrich Sieggrün, which I quoted above, I have examined a few water-related disasters.This work is the result of my examination.
Only 25 cases have been investigated, because I know that if I had a thousand cases investigated , it would be ignored.

I do not want this attribute of Poseidon to fall into oblivion,because I have not read any cases in the Hamburg School community that Poseidon playing a major role in water-related disasters. In my opinion, this attribute is very important.This attribute of the Poseidon in "The Rules for The Planetary Pictures" has not written.The formulas, which are supposed to indicate the storm surges and floods in "The Dictionary of Panetary Pictures", do not contain Poseidon. Because the Hamburg School does not agree with the Zodiac and harmonics that I use, I suggest Hamburg School to research this subject.


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The second Transneptun-Planet Hades
By A. Witte

"Every astrologer has a responsibility, in a way, to collect his experiences in this regard and to share them with the readers of this magazine by publishing them, so that in the course of time, clarity about the effects of this yet unknown planet can be obtained."


It also applies to the other Transneptun-Planets.



Cemal Cicek