Pope John Paul II


18 May 1920 at 17:30 (= 5:30 PM )Wadowice, Poland, 49n53, 19e30


Source Notes


Grazia Bordoni quotes him on Italian TV 5/18/97, speaking to a group of kids, "Today, I was born between 5:00 and 6:00 PM."

Michael Munkasey sends clipping on an interview with him in the Seattle Times 5/19/96 that gave "Today, about 5:00 PM."

Alois Treindl quotes the German newsgroup de.alt.astrologie for an article by "Mag. Andreas Kersting" where he writes that he has asked the Pope in private audience about his birth time, whereupon the pope replied 'at 17:00 exactly.'

Alex Vladimir Klouda writes on email, May 2000, "I have heard it from Cardinal Miroslav Vlk, who was present at the Pope's 80's birthday lunch, that the Pope said, "We are a little bit ahead with the celebration because I was born around 6 pm."

(Formerly, Guy de Penguern gave 12:30 PM in Mercury Hour 4/1983 "from his birth data in Poland, rectified to 12:45 PM." Dr. Hans-Jorg has "about noon" reported by "personal witnesses." CAO Times Vol 6/1 gives "Noon generally accepted." Penfield quotes Judith Gee in Mercury Hour 10/1979 for 7:30 AM; in Mercury Hour 4/1982 he quotes a French horoscope magazine for 11:30 AM. Romeo Ferrao in Mercury Hour 1/1980 states, "Born at the exact hour of the eclipse, 6:25 AM GMT. " Discepolo has 1:15 PM.) Bogdan krusinski writes, April 2002, "Biographies give details that pinpoint - if possible at all - to 'before noon'. So there are at least three birth times circulating - British astrologers - 17:00, German astrologers - 13:00, and the

third based on biographies (qutoes memories of other persons) that give time as before noon (Polish astrologers use beetwen 10 and 11:00 AM)."

Biography: George Weigel, "Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II," Cliff St Books, 1999.

Biography: George Blazynski, "John Paul II."

Biography: Vittorio Messori Messori, "Crossing the Threshold of Hope."

Leda Gregory quotes Alden Hatch, "A Man Named John; the Life of Pope John XXIII" p.217, for the time of the Vatican II, which may be considered the chart of the modern Catholic Church, "The sessions didn't start until 10/13/1962 and the sessions went between 9am and noon. But the first day was the opening ceremony of only the mass and all the attendants- some 3500 people. It's all in the book as well as posted at websites about Vatican II. This is when the Catholic gave up the Latin mass etc. It was s very big deal and might be the basis of a chart of the Catholic church."



Theory 1 :

1- A person’s sun on the natal chart has to be harmonic with position of sun at his death time. This can be any harmonic, that zodiac divides on two.


Death by Disease 2 April 2005 at 9:37 PM in Rome, Italy

Transit (Harmonic 64)

Birth Time is 06:25 AM GMT


tr Sun = Sun

tr Saturn = tr AC = Saturn/AC





Solar Uranus = Solar Mars/Solar Saturn = Sun

Solar Mercury (AC Lord) = Solar Neptune = Pluto





Lunar Sun = Lunar AC = Uranus

Lunar Node = Sun



Tertiary Progression ( 1 sidereal day = 1 sidereal month)


ter Mars = Mars/Saturn

ter Saturn = Sun




Minor Progression ( 1 sidereal month = 1 sidereal year)


Minor Saturn = Minor Uranus = Minor AC = Mars/Saturn

Minor Sun = Pluto

Minor Mercury (AC Lord)= Uranus



Secondary (1 sidereal day = 1 sidereal year)


Sec Sun = Mars/Saturn

Sec Neptune = Sun




His mother died of heart and kidney problems on 13 April 1929 in Wadowice, Poland.

Tertiary Progression ( 1 sidereal day = 1 sidereal month)

Venus , Moon and MC-IC axis are Mother

ter Mars = ter Saturn = Venus/Saturn

ter Node = ter Moon = Venus = Uranus

ter Sun = Pluto

ter Neptune = MC





His mother died of heart and kidney problems on 13 April 1929 in Wadowice, Poland.

Minor Progression ( 1 sidereal month = 1 sidereal year)


Minor Mars/Minor Saturn = Minor Venus = Moon = Uranus

Minor MC = Mars/Saturn

Minor Moon = Minor Uranus = Saturn

Minor Pluto = MC

Minor Noode = Venus/Saturn

Minor Neptune = MC/Venus

Minor Jupiter = MC/Uranus


Solar (His mother died)



Solar MC = Uranus

Solar Uranus = MC

Solar Node = MC/Uranus

Solar AC = Pluto

Solar Pluto = Solar Node = MC/Moon

Solar Saturn = Venus/Saturn

Solar Moon = Solar Venus = Mars

Solar Neptune = Moon/Venus

Solar Mars = Solar Jupiter = MC/Mars

Solar Mercury = Saturn = Moon/Neptune





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