Perry, Katy


25 October 1984 at 07:58 (= 07:58 AM )Santa Barbara, California, 34n25, 119w42
American singer, songwriter and actress.,_Katy

Source Notes :

Craft quotes birth certificate (#84-4156) in hand from Santa Barbara County Clerk, Recorder and Assessor.

(Previously Joe Polise quotes the biography, "Katy Perry: An Unofficial Biography" by Alice Montgomery. On 24 April 2015 S.C. provided the following: "A physical copy of Alice Montgomery's 'Katy Perry: An Unofficial Biography' should to be double checked for 6:59 AM. It's available for preview on Google and the part stating her birthdate, the area you'd most expect time mentioned, is not there. I found articles of her saying she's a 'triple Scorpio.' I think California allows informational BCs if nobody can re-check the physical book." Elle UK, Sydney Morning Herald, GQ

Susan Miller is quoted in an [1] article by Erin O' Sullivan saying "She's a triple Scorpio. She's Scorpio with Scorpio rising, the moon in Scorpio.")




Solar Return Harmonic 64


She married Russell Brand on October 23, 2010 in a traditional Hindu ceremony near the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, India.

More examples are in my research "Astrological research Marriage-Divorce"



Solar VE = Natal VE/MN

Solar VE = 1° 06' 50''

Natal VE/MN = 5° 19' 39'' - (2° 48' 45'' + 1° 24' 22'') = 1° 06' 32''


Progressed Lunar Return Harmonic 64





Lunar VE/MN = Lunar SU = Natal SU/VE



Secondary Harmonic 64



pVE/pMN = pSU/pJU = Natal SU/VE

pSU = Natal VE/MN

pSU/pVE = Natal JU



Secondary Converse Harmonic 64





pVE/pMN = pSU






Cemal Cicek