Pavel Machotka


Pavel Machotka (August 21, 1936 - March 18, 2019) was an Czech-born American academic and painter. He was a professor of Psychology of Aesthetics at the University of California, Santa Cruz from 1970 to 1994. He was the author of several books, including two about French painter Paul Cézanne.

Machotka died on March 18, 2019, at 82.


The cause of death was complications from a stroke he suffered in July 2017.


My work on Stroke is here :



Solar for July 2017






Solar MA/ZE = Solar SU/AD = r SU/ME = r ME/AD

Solar AD = r ME

Solar ME/AD = r ZE

Solar ME = r SU/ZE = r ZE/AD

Solar SU/ME = Solar ZE = r MA



Progressed Lunar Return for July 2017






Lunar SU/AD = Lunar ME/ZE = r MA/ZE

Lunar ME = r ZE

Lunar ME/AD = Lunar MA = r SU = r AD

Lunar SU = r SU/ME = r ME/AD







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