Patrick Caddell


Patrick Hayward Caddell (May 19, 1950 – February 16, 2019) was an American public opinion pollster and a political film consultant who served in the Carter administration, and in other presidential campaigns.

After suffering a stroke, Caddell died on February 16, 2019, at age 68 in Charleston, South Carolina.


My work on Stroke is here :


Lunar Return






Lunar MA = Lunar ME/AD = r SU

Lunar MA/AD = Lunar SU

Lunar MA/ZE = r ME/AD

Lunar SU/ME = Lunar ZE/AD = r ME




Secondary Progression





p MA = p AD = p SU/ZE = r MA

p SU/AD = p SU/MA = p ME = r ME/MA = r SU/ZE

p ME/AD = r ME/AD






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