Moon Phases In Mundane Astrology


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I used :

a-Sidereal Zodiac with Krishnamurti Ayanamsa
b-Harmonic 4096;because the time span we want to study (from the moon phase to the event)is very short.
c-Sidereal Progressions keys ; sidereal year,sidereal month and sidereal day
d-Because of the particularity of the events, Zeus and Vulcanus, the Planets of Hamburg School, are also in some cases included.

The events that have been studied :

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
World war II
Tenerife airport disaster
First Atom bomb - Hiroshima explosion
1906 San Francisco earthquake
The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964
1960 Valdivia earthquake
1999 Izmit earthquake
2006 Yogyakarta earthquake
2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
1990 Manjil–Rudbar earthquake
Second Atom Bomb - Nagasaki
2015 Philadelphia train derailment
Hindenburg disaster
Deepwater Horizon explosion
Apollo 1
1975 Banqiao Dam Flood
Halifax Explosion
1956 Cali explosion
2002 Lagos armoury explosion
Chernobyl disaster
Texas City disaster
Oppau explosion
1944 Bombay explosion
RAF Fauld explosion
Cádiz Explosion
Kaprun disaster
Japan Airlines Flight
Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
Japanese battleship Yamato
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Assassination of Olof Palme
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi




Cemal Cicek