Monaco Royals



"Family member’s sun position on their birth chart has to be in exact harmonic."

This statement that I wrote 5 years ago in my work Microastrology, like all my other discoveries, which has fallen on deaf ears in astrological communities, as if it were not important.
It is one of the most important and most reliable birth time correction method in astrological history.


Harmonic 8192


Grace, Princess of Monaco
12 November 1929 at 05:31 (= 05:31 AM )Philadelphia PA, USA, 39n57, 75w10

Caroline, Princess
23 January 1957 at 09:27 (= 09:27 AM ) Monte Carlo, Monaco, 43n45, 7e25

Stéphanie, Princess of Monaco
1 February 1965 at 18:25 (= 6:25 PM ) Monte Carlo, Monaco, 43n45, 7e25

Casiraghi, Pierre
5 September 1987 at 02:46 (= 02:46 AM ) Monte Carlo, Monaco, 43n45, 7e25




1) Grace, Princess of Monaco

2) Caroline, Princess

3) Stéphanie, Princess of Monaco

4) Casiraghi, Pierre



2. and 3. sun are between two harmonic points.i.e. they are also exactly.This symmetry is not possible with the tropical zodiac.








Cemal Cicek