Michael Douglas


25 September 1944 at 10:30 (= 10:30 AM )New Brunswick, New Jersey, 40n29, 74w27

American actor, director and producer, from a noted family as the first son of actor Kirk Douglas. Douglas was awarded an Oscar in 1975 as producer of the year's best picture "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and won another Oscar in 1988 as best actor in "Wall Street."


Solar für 2003

The 46-year-old Eric Douglas was found dead in his New York apartment on July 6, 2004. The cause of death was later cited as "acute intoxication" from the combined effects of alcohol, tranquilizers and painkillers


Solar Mars ist stationär-rückläufig und macht exact
harmonic mit Solar Pluto, natal Sonne ,natal Neptun.

sSA = sUR = MA


Mars ist natürliche Karaka für die Brüder und weil mit natal Neptun exact harmonic macht, zeigt die Alkoholvergiftung des Bruders perfekt.

Ausserdem steht natal Mars im 12.Haus mit Neptun zusammen.