Lady Gaga


28 March 1986 at 09:53 (= 09:53 AM )Manhattan, New York, 40n46, 73w59

Source Notes


Astrodienst forum member aloud212 pointed to Twitter birthday message, by Lady Gaga's promotional team, giving 9:53 am. An online article gives the same.

Craft notes a tweet from Gaga on March 28 2008, time stamped at 1:14 AM: "right..gaga turned a mirrored panty humping a miami gogo dancer at 2 am to the beat of my first single "just dance" best birthday ...". It is not clear if the time is in reference to her birth hour.

A website gives a time of 5:07pm with a link to screen image purportedly showing a comment on Lady Gaga's Instagram account, but this has not been verified and could easily be a fake. A link to post itself could not be provided.

Astrologie Heute #149 gave 22:55 (10:55 pm), quoting French website which gives no source information. Same time in the French periodical Astr'oh.



You can, as I have shown here, control the birth time quite simply.You do not need twenty events to check whether birth time is true.

when it comes to marriage,engagement must be VE / MN activated by new moon ,
when it comes to divorce,separate VE / NE must be activated. We always take last new moon before the event.


Harmonic 4096

engaged Taylor Kinney in February 16, 2015

20.01.2015 8:13:42 GMT-5 6°10'18"Cap New Moon transit to natal



it is only possible, when the birth time 9:53 am is.

tr-SU/MO = natal VE/MN


tr-SU/MO = 0° 1' 09''

natal VE/MN = 0° 5' 06'' - 0° 2' 38'' - 0° 1' 19'' = 0° 1' 09''



Harmonic 4096

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney End Their Engagement on July 19, 2016

4.07.2016 7:01:01 GMT-4 18°53'50"Gem New Moon transit to natal




tr-SU/MO = natal VE/NE


tr-VE = tr-NE = tr-UR = tr-PL = natal SU/NE = natal ME(Lord of AC)






Cemal Cicek