Iana Kasian

Born January 27, 1986 Kiev, Ukraine

Died May 26, 2016 West Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, United States

The lifeless body of Iana Kasian was found next to her infant daughter, who was visibly unharmed, by officers of the LAPD on 26 May 2016, following a barricade stand-off with Blake Leibel, who is the father of Kasian's daughter. Leibel has been charged with Kasian's murder, which occurred on the 8500 block of Holloway Drive in West Hollywood, in an apartment that the couple had recently shared.


Blake Leibel

Born May 8, 1981 Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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1. inner circle (1) : victim's natal
2. inner circle (2) : victim's progression,-solar,-lunar
3. inner circle (3) : murderer's natal
4. outer circle (4) : murderer's progression,-solar,-lunar


Murderer's pMA/pSA(4) = victim's rMA/rSA(1) = victim's pSU(2)





Lunar Return




(red)Murderer's lunar MA/SA(4) = victim's lunar SU(2)

(green)Murderer's lunar SU(4) = victim's rMA/rSA(1)






Murderer's pMA/pSA(4) = murderer's rSU(3)= victim's pMA/pSA(2) = victim's rSU(1)



Minor converse



Murderer's pMA/pSA(4) = murderer's rMA/rSA(3) = victim's pSU(2)







murderer's pMA/pSA(4)= murderer's rMA(3) = victim's pMA/pPL = victim's rMA/rSA




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