Hamilton, George


12 August 1939 at 01:51 (= 01:51 AM )Memphis, Tennessee, 35n09, 90w03


Source Notes


Dana Haynes quotes him, 1997, after insisting that he check with his mom for the correct time, inasmuch as he had given out various times. Linda Clark quotes him for 9:51 AM, written in his own hand, 10/1996. Lynne Palmer quotes him (prior to 1995) for 1:05 PM CST.

Sy Scholfield quotes him for his rising sign in "People Get Top Billing on His List" by Bethia Caffery, The Evening Independent [St. Petersburg, FL], 2 August 1974, p. 3-B: "English, Scottish, Spanish, he says, a Leo with Cancer ascendant and his moon in Cancer. Makes him strike out to lead the entire world, then turn back to the security of his all-important hearth, he says."





Married 29 October 1972


sME(AC Herrscher)=sVE=rSO=rME





wie man hier sieht,ist richtige Geburtszeit 01:51 AM