Ravn Connect flight 3153-Collision


On October 2, 2016, about 11:57 Alaska daylight time,Ravn Connect flight 3153, a turbine powered Cessna 208B Grand Caravan airplane, N208SD, collided with steep, mountainous terrain about 10 nautical miles northwest of Togiak Airport (PATG) , Togiak, Alaska.

The aircraft departed Quinhagak (59°45′18″N 161°50′43″W ) at 11:33.



Third rule :
The sun position in the beginning an event has to be in exact harmonic with the end of the event.


We compare here departure time (11:33) with collision time (11:57)

Transit at 11:57





Transit Sun = Transit Mars = Natal Sun = Natal Saturn


Transit Uranus = Natal Sun/Uranus = Tertiary Sun (not shown here)


Other examples are here :




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