Castro, Fidel


3 August 1926 at 02:00 (= 02:00 AM )Biran, Cuba, 20n33, 75w54


Source Notes


John McKay-Clements quotes a new biography "Castro" 3/96, "He swears it was August 13, 1926, 2:00 AM."

"Fidel and Religion" (Simon & Schuster, 1987) is the record of 23 hours of talks with Frei Betto. On p.2 it mentions in parenthisis that Castro was born August 13, 1926.

Tad Szulc "Fidel Castro, A Critical Portrait" (Hutchinson, London, 1987) "For years there has been disagreement of 1926 or 1927. He himself swears 1926. Even the Soviet press gave the wrong data in a lengthy biography published in 1963 and the error has been maintained in the Cuban news. The confusion stems from a change made in his school records when he lost three months of classes because of post-appendectomy complications. It was at Manacas that Castro was born (p.96), a large sugarcane-cattle estate located in the municipality of Biran in the northern Oriente province coast, about 25 miles south of the Bay of Nipe and the same east of Dos Rios. In any case, he was born about 2:00 AM on 13 August, 1926, weighing ten pounds."

Monica Hable Dimino writes in April 1993, "One of my students spoke to Castro during a dinner reception and asked his data. He said, "I was born the 13th of August of 1926 at 4:44 AM In Vertientes, Cuba, my mother told me." Dimino later corrected the birth location as Veranorientes, just outside of Santiago.

"Peter Bourne "Fidel" (1986, p.14) "He was born on his father's farm, Las Manacas, near the village of Biran not far from the town of Mayari in the Oriente Province. He weighted 12 pounds at birth. The third of three illigitimate kids, he was six when his parents married. He was too young to enrole in school so they pushed his age back a year to make him eligible, and the date of 1926 has been given ever since. He himself gives 1926 and the Cuban government gives 1926, but the year of his birth was 1927.

AQ Winter/1960 quotes Lavagnini "from official government sources" for 8/13/1926, 1:00 PM.

Bruna Serrotti wrote in Mercury Hour 7/85 "I read that Castro was born 8/12/1926, Wrong! It was 7/26/26 in Havana, information from the Cuban Embassy in New York."

Boris Cristoff gives 1927, "When Alina Castro came to my house as a consultant she said his father was almost 29 years when she was born. She was born in on 19/3/56, 7h00 Habana, so Fidel was born in 1927. " In early September 2005, Tony Martinez writes via e-mail," I know the NBC News Bureau chief in Havana, Cuba. I asked her to research this and she told me the following - Fidel Castro Ruz, August 13, 1926, 2:00 AM Biran, Oriente Cuba. Time of birth comes directly from his autobiography - '...These whirlwinds can get to be five to eight kilometers high and three hundred kilometers across and last an average of eight days. But I couldn’t have known I was being pushed into this world on that night of August 13, 1926, around two in the morning, nor that there was a hurricane at a reasonable distance from Birán..'."

Sy Scholfield quotes from "The Origins of the Cuban Revolution Reconsidered" by Samuel Farber (University of North Carolina Press, 2006), p. 182: "While Fidel Castro's official birth date is August 13, 1926, he was actually born on August 13, 1927. His father had Fidel's original birth certificate changed so that he could enroll at the Belen high school (Claudia Furiati, Fidel Castro: La Historia Me Absolvera. trans. Rosa S. Corgatelli [Barcelona: Plaza Janes, 2003], 48-49, 81)."

Scholfield notes that Castro's time of birth is stated in various news reports and biographies, eg.: "Havana, Aug 15 (EFE).- Commenting on his 73rd birthday Friday, Cuban President Fidel Castro said it was the "best" he had ever had ... 'I believe I was born at two in the morning,' Castro said. 'And that explains my guerrilla tendencies, since I was born at night.'" ("CASTRO: "I'VE NEVER HAD A BETTER BIRTHDAY," 15 August 1999, EFE News Service).

Starkman rectified to 13 August 1927 EST Asc 29Gem30',_Fidel




He married on 12 October 1948


Wie wir unten sehen werden, Solar Venus ist mit Lunar Venus und progressive lunar Venus exact harmonic.

Ausserdem :
1)Solar Jupiter (stationär rückläufig) und Lunar Jupiter mit Natal Jupiter exact harmonic.
2)Progressive Venus und converse progressive Venus mit Natal Venus exact harmonic.
3)Lunar Return-Sonne mit progressed Lunar-Sonne auf rSO/VE exact harmonic.Das heisst :

Lunar-Sonne = Progressed Lunar Return-Sonne=rSO/VE





Wie ich es in meiner Forschungsarbeit geschrieben habe :

1-Bestimmte Planeten zu ihren Radixstellung(en) exakte Harmonic bilden und diese in mehreren Progressionen wiederholen.

In diesem Fall Jupiter und Venus

2-Bestimmte Midpoints oder entsprechende Planeten bei mehreren Progressionen immer wieder aktiviert sind.

in diesem Fall SO/VE,VE/PL und SO/MA

3-In jedem Ereignis muss bestimmte midpoints aktiviert werden z.B : Bei der Heirat Venus/Knoten,Venus/Sonne,Knoten/Neptun,Venus/Neptun

Nur die eine und richtige Geburtszeit wird alle diese Voraussetzungen erfüllen.



He married on 12 October 1948






Progressed Lunar Return


He married on 12 October 1948








Embolismic Lunation (Synodisches Mondhoroskop)



He married on 12 October 1948


pME(AC Herrscher)=pSO/pVE=rSO/rVE





Deswegen ist sein richtiges Geburtsdatum 13 August 1927.