Perón, Eva


7 May 1919 at 05:13 (= 05:13 AM )Buenos Aires, Argentina, 34s36, 58w27


Source Notes


Marion March quotes a letter from Jose Modern Astrology Lebron of Argentina 4/29/1985, "'La Vida De Eva Peron,' Tomo I: Testimonios para su historia, Buenos Aires, 1970, is a well documented biography from interviews, school reports and early documents as she was illegitimate and had the original B.C. destroyed. On p.13 is the time and date. The former mayor and publisher of the local paper said, 'I can assure you .... That Eva was born in General Viamonte, Los Toldos, province of Buenos Aires at a ranch near the Indian camp, 20 km off Los Toldos.'" The time given is 5:00 AM Cordoba time (9:17 AM GMT or 5:13:44 AM LMT.)

Biographer R.L. Greenut gives the same date in "Revolution Before Breakfast."

Penfield states, "In a new paperback, "Eva Evita" by Paul Montgomery, there is a statement which corroborates her date as May 7, 1919, Los Toledos, 5:00 AM."

(Formerly, PC stated that "private sources in Buenos Aires give May 17, 1919, Los Toledos, 3:00 AM LMT." In Mercury Hour 1/1980,

Dana Holliday reports that a Thames TV program "Queen of Hearts," June 1979 stated that she was born May 17, 1917, early in the morning."

Constance Mayer has a chart for May 17, 1908, 5:10 PM LMT from an astrology magazine.

Current Biography obit gives May 7, 1919.) Glenn Perry notes in February 2004 that there are some web sites that give her birth date as November 21, 1919. (PT notes that this record had a birth year of 1908; in June 2007 she changed it to 1919 based on LMR's original notes, having assumed a typo)





Sekundärprogression am 1 July 1974


Juan Peron suffered a final attack on Monday, 1 July 1974 and died at 13:15.





Converse progression am 1 July 1974



pME(DC Waage Herrscher)=rNE=rVE/PL

Als Herrscher nehme ich:

für die Feuerzeichen:Mars
für die Erdzeichen:Venus
für die Luftzeichen:Merkur
für die Wasserzeichen:Jupiter

Secondary Sonne und secondary converse Sonne sind miteinander harmonic.

Secondary Mondknoten und secondary converse Mondknoten sind auch miteinander harmonic.




Sekundärprogression am 22 October 1945


Marriage 22 October 1945 in Buenos Aires (Juan Peron)





Converse progression am 22 October 1945







Solar für 26 July 1952

Death by Disease 26 July 1952 at 8:25 PM in Buenos Aires


sAC=sME(DC Herrscher)=
sMA(AC Herrscher)=rAC=rME=rMA