Ethel Ennis


Ethel Llewellyn Ennis (November 28, 1932 – February 17, 2019)[1] was an American jazz musician whose career spanned seven decades. Ennis spent the majority of her life in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, where she was affectionately known as the "First Lady of Jazz".

Ennis died from a stroke on February 17, 2019. She was 86.


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Solar Return





Solar SU/ME = Solar MA/AD

Solar ME/AD = Solar MA/ZE

Solar ME = r SU = r AD

Solar ZE = Solar ME/MA



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Lunar ME/AD = r MA/AD = r SU

Lunar MA/AD = Lunar SU/ME = r ZE/AD

Lunar SU = Lunar ZE/AD = r ME/AD






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