Bowie, David


8 January 1947 at 09:00 (= 09:00 AM )Brixton (London), England, 51n29, 0w06


Source Notes


LMR quotes biographers Peter and Leni Gillman, "Alias David Bowie," Hodder & Stoughton, 1986, p.41, gives 9:00 AM GMT, "from his parents." His former wife, Mary Angela Barnett, gives 9:00 AM in "Backstage Passes," written with Patrick Carr, G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1993, p.31. Craft quotes "Bowie: A Biography" by Marc Spitz for 9 AM, Three Rivers Press, 2010, pg. 5. Bowie was born at the family home in Brixton, therefore his parent's recollection of his birth is likely the most accurate. Other astrologers quoted 23:50 (Libra ascendant).

(Gary Lorig quotes him personally for 9:30 AM GMT, at UAC 5/1998. David Douglas, "David Bowie," gives, "just before midnight," 1975, p.3.)

Sy Scholfield confirms from an online copy of the birth certificate that "David Robert Jones" was born on 8 January 1947 at 40 Stansfield Road, Stockwell.,_David


Die richtige Geburtszeit muss 09:00 AM sein.



für die Geburt einer Tochter:Venus/Merkur und Venus/Knoten



Jones, Lexi

15 August 2000 at 05:06 (= 05:06 AM )New York, New York, 40n43, 74w0

born in the U.S., the daughter of David Bowie and his wife, Somalian model Iman.


Minor Converse für 15 August 2000 at 05:06


pVE = VE
pME = ME
pJU = VE/ME = SO


Die zeigen klar und deutlich Geburt der Tochter.





Solar VE = Solar ME = VE
Solar JU = JU
Solar KN = KN
Solar MA = MO
Solar MO = SO/ME
Solar AC = ME = VE/UR



Solar 1962


Violent trauma 1962 (Left eye paralyzed in school fight)


Solar UR = Solar SA = MA/SA = MO


Mond ist das linke Auge bei den Männern.