Birth of Mother


I have shown in my research "Micro Astrology" a progression technique that progression can be calculated from the later born person to former born person.For example from birth time of the child to birth time of the mother. With this technique one can control and correct the birth time of the mother.To use this technique, we must know which planets and / or planet pairs represent the mother.

I-In the many examples that have examined Venus and Moon represent the mother. In the day-born and night-born there is no difference.Classic astrological rule is not true when they says for the day born is Venus and for the Night born moon must be taken.

II-In addition Venus and Moon is also Moon Node very important.They are so important, without them there is no astrology.My opinion, one can solve rulership-problem through moon nodes. We will use Mean Node.

III-Until we can prove otherwise, we take IC ruler for the mother.

What we should pay attention to:

MO/MN :Connection with the mother, blood relationship

MO/JU : Because it is a happy event

VE/MN : Connection with a woman










IV-Until we can prove otherwise,we take as ruler

For Air sign : Mercury

For Water sign : Jupiter

For Fire sign : Mars

For Earth sign : Venus


V-Progressionskeys :

Tertiary I: 1 sidereal day = sidereal month
Tertiary II (Minor) : 1 sidereal month = 1 sidereal year
Secondary Progression : 1 sidereal day = 1 sidereal year




Example :

Dorothy Howell Rodham born June 4, 1919 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Lunar Return for June 4, 1919



Lunar MA(IC Lord-Leo) = Lunar VE = natal MO/MA = natal VE

Lunar SU = Lunar UR = natal JU

Lunar JU = Lunar IC = natal MN = natal MA/JU

Lunar MN = natal IC/MN







Cemal Cicek