Bhutto, Benazir


23 June 1953 at 16:00 (= 4:00 PM )Karachi, PAK, 24n52, 67e03


Source Notes


Qamar Abbas wrote to Marguerite dar Boggia that he had obtained this time of 7:21 PM from Bhutto's father who had given it to his astrologer Cyrus D. F Abayakoon. Use with caution as this is unverified and third-hand information. In addition, we have conflicting times. Originally LMR quoted "date given in Planet Earth, time unknown." In December 2007 PT changed rating from X to DD as multiple times surfaced but no original sources have been given.

In December 2007 Michael Wolfstar Reilly listed 7:59 PM on his website with no source; when questioned by e-mail (December 2007) about the source, he wrote the following to PT: I wrote an article about her in 2002, which is when I researched her birth time. I found her birth time of 7:59 pm in a magazine that is now defunct, The Astrological Magazine. Unfortunately, that was three computers ago, and I no longer have the source notes with the exact issue, but it was written by the editor B.V. Raman, who I understand is not prone to rectifying charts.

Sy Scholfield found 9:00 PM, citing data from the article, "Prospects for Benazir Bhutto," Astrological Magazine, v.78:1-6 (1989), p. 413: "Benazir was born June 21, 1953 at 9,00 pm in Karachi as published in the newspapers in Pakistan." Sy adds, "NB: A birth time of "7.43 pm LMT" was given in an earlier issue of the same magazine (v.75:1-6 [1986], p. 21), so the 9pm time is presumably an update. Bhutto reportedly said in an interview that she was born at night: "'I was born at night,' Ms. Bhutto says, welcoming guests as she wraps a cream-coloured dupatta, a scarf, around her head. 'So I think I function better at night'" (John Stackhouse, "Benazir Bhutto's darkest hours," The Globe and Mail, 1 October 1998, p. A1)"

Amer Abbas Shah (Pakistan) is quoted as saying: "This time of 7:32 Pm was posted by me in Political Astrology Group. This data was used by my two Gurus Dr Mohammad Ayub Taji aand Dr Ijaz hussain Butt and many other prominent Astrologers from Paaakisstaan [sic] since 1988 and it was actually passed by one of her family member to my teacher Dr Mohammad Ayub Taji. I also used this data for many succesful predictions." < The Astrological Magazine, which was restarted in 1936 by Dr. B.V. Raman and edited by him for over 62 years, until his passing away in December 1998, is the world’s foremost and most authentic journal on Jyotisha or Hindu astrology with an international readership.>

The Indian website uses a different date, 23 June 1953, 4 pm. The astrologer K.N. Rao writes: "We all had our prediction [which Rao claims to have made in October 2007] on the basis of the horoscope passed on by Benazir herself through Natwar Singh to me in the early eighties. (Most sources give 6/21/1953, not 6/23/1953, for her birth date).",_Benazir


Die richtige Geburtszeit ist ,wie K.N.Rao behauptet, 23 Juni 1953 16:00 Uhr.


Lunar Eclipse

Ich zeige zuerst die Lunar Eclipse als Transit am 28.08.2007 10:35:06 GMT


Transit Eclipse ist auf rMA/rSA = rSO/rMO =rME/rNE

Noch interessanter ist es, das der Merkur,als 12.Haus Herrscher nach klassische Astrologie, auf AC und Neptun auf Sonne sind.